14th ESSE Conference in Brno!

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CZASE, in co-operation with Masaryk University, is the organizer of the next bi-annual conference of the European Society for the Study of English (ESSE), which will be held in Brno, Czech Republic on 29 August – 2 September 2018.

Please find Call for Papers and further information at

Deadlines for ESSE Conference 2016 in Galway

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Dear Members of CZASE,

On behalf of the CZASE Executive Board, I would like to remind you of the approaching deadlines for submitting proposals for the next ESSE Conference, which will be held in 2016, in Galway, Ireland.

Till 1 May 2015, the Academic Programme Committee of ESSE 2016 will accept proposals for seminars and round tables from prospective convenors. Please read the submission guidelines on the conference webpage:

The deadline for proposing individual papers, posters, and Ph.D. sessions is 31 January 2016.

We hope that many of you will participate in the conference, not only as members of seminars and round tables but also as convenors.

Best regards,
Jana Chamonikolasová
Chair of CZASE

The Cognitive Week at Masaryk University

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10th Brno International Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies

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Brno Conference 2015

For more photographs and other materials relating to this conference, organized and hosted on 5 -7 February 2015 by the Department of English and American Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, and by the Czech Association for the Study of English (CZASE), see:

10th Brno International Conference of English, American and Canadian Studies

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Organized and hosted by
The Department of English and American Studies, Masaryk University, Brno
The Czech Association for the Study of English (CZASE)

Brno, Czech Republic
5 – 7 February 2015

Texts and other sites of meaning – verbal, visual, multimodal – are the common ground in the various disciplines of anglophone studies. There are multiple agents involved in the production of meaning: authors/speakers, recipients/audiences, and the scholar. Each of these actors is involved in the process of creating, shaping, and signifying in their own, specific manner. This conference seeks to explore the manifestations of these processes in diverse contexts and from various perspectives.

We welcome proposals for twenty-minute presentations in the fields of literature, linguistics, cultural studies, translation studies, and ELT methodology. Abstracts of between 150 and 250 words should be submitted via a web form on the conference website by 30 July 2014.

Acceptance notifications will be sent out by 1 September 2014. For more information, email us at

Conference venue

Faculty of Arts, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic

Keynote speakers

  • Prof. Aritha van Herk (University of Calgary, Canada)
  • Prof. Eija Ventola (Aalto University, Finland)
  • Prof. Anthony Pym (Rovira i Virgili University, Spain)
  • Prof. Udo Hebel (University of Regensburg, Germany)

Executive Board Election

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At the General Assembly held on 7 March 2014, a new executive board for CZASE was elected, and its members are as follows:
  • doc. PhDr. Jana Chamonikolasová, Ph.D. (Chair)
  • prof. Dr. Martin Procházka CSc. (Vice-Chair)
  • prof. PhDr. Bohuslav Mánek, CSc. (Vice-Chair)
  • prof. PhDr. Michal Peprník, M.Phil., Dr. (Vice-Chair)
  • doc. PhDr. Naděžda Kudrnáčová, CSc. (Treasurer)
  • doc. Michael Kaylor, PhD (Secretary)
  • Mgr. Eva Valentová (Webmaster)

The elected members of the Inspection Committee for CZASE are PhDr. Zdeněk Beran and doc. Ondřej Pilný, Ph.D.

CZASE General Assembly 2014

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A CZASE GENERAL ASSEMBLY will be held on the premises of the Faculty of Arts of Masaryk University (in Dean's Staff Room, 2nd floor of bldg C), Arna Nováka 1, Brno at 11:30 A.M. on 7 March 2014.

ESSE 2014 Košice (Slovakia)

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The 12th ESSE CONFERENCE will be held in KOŠICE, SLOVAKIA, Friday 29 August – Tuesday 2 September, 2014.


For Lectures (nomination by National Associations): 1 May 2013.

For Seminars and Round Tables (proposals from prospective convenors): 1 May 2013.

For posters, individual papers at seminar sessions and PhD students’ sessions: 31 January 2014.

Registration will begin on 1 March 2014.

For more information see

A Centenary of English Studies at Charles University

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Charles University in Prague celebrates a centenary of English studies with a one-day conference held on May 15, 2012, on the occasion of this event. For more information about the programme of the conference, see the following PDF file.

The First World Congress of Scottish Literatures

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From 2-5 July 2014, the University of Glasgow is hosting the first World Congress of
Scottish Literatures in the College of Arts, with the involvement of the Association
for Scottish Literary Studies and other bodies. The conference will be organized
under four main themes: Authors, Theorizing Scottish literature, Gaelic, Mediaeval,
Musical and Artistic Scotland and Scotland in global culture and context. Colleagues
in the US, Europe, UK and Australia have already agreed to organize panels, and the
congress steering group, together with a wider internationally based committee, are
planning regular updates to interested colleagues. If you would like to be on our
mailing list, please contact Rhona Brown

A Call for Papers will be issued in
due course. The conference will be held in an exciting month in Glasgow, with the
Commonwealth Games and the major Georgian Glasgow exhibition both taking place in
July. We plan to work closely with our colleagues in the city and its galleries and
museums to make this a truly exciting experience for our delegates.

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