Other Organisations

Central European Association for Canadian Studies

The CEACS brings together university teachers, researchers and students from the Central European region (interpreted broadly) who are doing work related to Canada. At the present time the association has 190 members, coming from Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Slovenia; a few individuals come from a scattering of other countries. Every three years the association holds a major international multidisciplinary conference.

European Society for the Study of English

ESSE is a European federation of national higher educational associations for the study of English, with over 7,000 members from over 30 countries.

International Association of University Professors of English

IAUPE is a global association of scholars and teachers dedicated to the study of English in all its facets. It was formed shortly after the Second World War with the idea of getting senior representatives of English as an academic subject together, irrespective of the ravages of war. The Association flourished, and currently has approximately 500 members, spread over six continents.

International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures

The International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures (FILLM) is the official international body which represents the study of language and literature as research-based scholarly disciplines in universities and tertiary higher education institutions world-wide. FILLM is part of the UNESCO pyramid of international associations which seek to represent intellectual and cultural endeavour on a global basis.

International Federation of Language Teacher Associations

The Fédération Internationale des Professeurs de Langues Vivantes, founded in Paris in 1931, is the only international multilingual association of teachers of languages. It has Non-governmental Organisation (NGO) consultative status with UNESCO and has representation as an NGO with the Council of Europe.