Executive Board Election

At the General Assembly held on 7 March 2014, a new executive board for CZASE was elected, and its members are as follows:

    • doc. PhDr. Jana Chamonikolasová, Ph.D. (Chair)

    • prof. Dr. Martin Procházka CSc. (Vice-Chair)

    • prof. PhDr. Bohuslav Mánek, CSc. (Vice-Chair)

    • prof. PhDr. Michal Peprník, M.Phil., Dr. (Vice-Chair)

    • doc. PhDr. Naděžda Kudrnáčová, CSc. (Treasurer)

    • doc. Michael Kaylor, PhD (Secretary)

    • Mgr. Eva Valentová (Webmaster)

The elected members of the Inspection Committee for CZASE are PhDr. Zdeněk Beran and doc. Ondřej Pilný, Ph.D.